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How to Be Indestructible Indispensable & Unstoppable

Imagine that you are a teenager who has one goal: Graduate from West Point. Then one moment changes it all. A tragic accident and 30 minutes spent unconscious while emergency responders extracted you from a gnarled truck wedged against a tree. And your plans are completely derailed.

That was Philip Jalufka.


He has spent his life facing challenges and never giving up or giving in. “Be Unstoppable” is one blueprint for personal and professional success. This inspiring book will provide you with insights and experiences from Philip  and those who have impacted him  with the power of their own life experiences and insights. By bringing together this knowledge in one resource, you’ll discover how to navigate your own success.

  • Achieve your unique goals on your terms

  • Identify and evaluate obstacles

  • Find and embrace the passion that makes every effort a positive step

  • Shake off self-doubt

  • Build your own team of motivated people who share a common vision.


Team-building days and retreats are like New Year’s resolutions. You’re all worked up in the moment and for a short time later. Then you fall back into old habits. The proof of effective teamwork comes a long time after the ‘trust catch’ and role-playing games are over. Teamwork, like trust, builds over time.
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